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I have just started working with VMware vSphere. Which class would be the best for me?

The best fit for those who either don’t have extensive experience with VMware ESXi Server and VMware vCenter Server or have just a little of it is VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (ICM). This 5-day class will give you extensive knowledge in installing, configuring and performing everyday management tasks of vSphere infrastructure. Detailed course description can be found here.

What are the essential prerequisites for attending vSphere ICM?

In order to get the most out of class attendance you need to:
-  have some experience in administering Microsoft or Linux operating systems
-  have a basic understanding of computer architecture, operating system, application and networking principles
-  take the free on-line Virtualization Fundamentals course (~2.5 hours) here.

I have previously attended vSphere ICM. What would be the next step?

This heavily depends on your job specifics and future professional development directions.

  • For system engineers and administrators that are responsible for maintaining larger and more complex infrastructures we would definitely recommend vSphere: Optimize and Scale – five day class that covers the vSphere Enterprise Plus features and performance optimization aspects in all 4 “food groups” – CPU, memory, networking and storage.
  • In case you are planning your future career as System Architect, probably the best class would be vSphere: Design Workshop
  • If your company has already implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or is planning to do so, the recommended classes would include VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure, Manage and View Design Best Practices
    For more information on advanced classes please consult the VMware Learning Path Planning Tool.

Are certification exam costs included in course price

No. Certification exams must be taken in PearsonVUE certification center and the exam costs are not included in course price. To get more information about exams, please visit and contact the nearest / preferred PearsonVUE certification center.
Note: In order to get the VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification, apart from passing the exam you have to attend at least one of the qualifying courses, which currently are:

  • vSphere ICM
  • vSphere Optimize and Scale
  • vSphere Troubleshooting Workshop
  • vSphere Fast track

There are currently no course attendance requirements for VCAP level certifications, however you need to be VCP certified in order to sign up for VCAP exam

I have previously attended vSphere ICM V5.x. Should I sign up for vSphere: What’s New V5.5?

Most probably not. vSphere What’s New V5.5 class is intended for those who previously attended vSphere ICM V4.x. If you have been on ICM V5.x then there is a free on-line class available to cover the new features of vSphere 5.5.

vSphere ICM and Fast Track course descriptions seem to be quite similar. What are the differences and how should I choose between them?

vSphere Fast Track is an extremely intensive, extended day class (5 days, 10-11 hours per day) that includes all ICM material and additionally covers the vSphere Enterprise Plus license features. This class is intended for those engineers and system administrators that:

  • want to get the maximum knowledge in shortest possible time,
  • are ready to handle 120% load throughout the course
  • are ready to accumulate large amounts of information quite intensively
  • due to job specifics can’t spend more than 5 working days away from office.

I am still a bit confused and not sure which class is the best for me. Where can I get some help?

Contact us! At least one of our instructors will get in touch with you to discuss your needs, describe the contents of each course in more details and help you to plan your optimal learning path.